From Cody Jefferson,
Founder of Embrace the Lion and ETL Roundtable


Our mastermind is an exclusive ongoing coaching and mentorship program for men focused on becoming the most elite version of themselves: personally, physically, relationally, financially and spiritually.

Be warned: This isn't your cute Sunday Morning accountability small group... We're here to wage war.

There are few things more dangerous to a man's potential than his natural talent, charisma and the comfort of his own isolation.
There's so much we want to do:
✔️Goals to accomplish..
✔️Influence to gain...
✔️Income to generate...
✔️Things to prove...
And it's not that we're not grateful. 
It's not that we don't recognize the success in front of us... it's just that there's a longing for more. 

There is an addiction to accomplishing that most people don't understand. 

We find ourselves at this crossroad of the DESIRE for more and the GUILT of desiring more... so for many, we bury the influence we are called to because the anxiety, frustration of that anxiety, and the impostor syndrome of being seen as THE MAN but feeling like a failure behind closed doors. When you have already achieved what most barely dream of and realize there’s still something missing, we can help.

There is a problem with being naturally talented at most things: you learn to coast in your comfort and you burn out in your busyness.

✔️Your 65% is someone else’s 100%.
✔️You easily command the energy of a room.
✔️You find that most things come easier to you.
✔️ You hear things like “is there anything you can’t do?!”
This coasting often leads to complacency. What's worse, you stay where you are, knowing you're called to MORE, because the comfort of what's "predictable and safe" is easier. And internally, deeper, there is a voice inside you telling you you're not enough, that you're a fraud.

This is called "The Law of the Lid." The problem with being at the top of your circle and community is there's nowhere to go. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with... and so long as everyone is cool with your "good enough," you'll never feel the push to grow past it. This is why we exist: to push you further, faster and to hold you accountable to the man you're called to be.

So what happens if nothing changes? While we find success in one or two pillars of life, the others are falling apart.

You focus on the business and let your marriage go to hell. 
You focus on the marriage while the finances plunder. 
You focus on the money while the stress destroys your body. 
And let's get real: so often high achievers are great at getting help with tasks, but struggle to reveal their own inner fears and vulnerabilities.

Have you ever asked: What's the point of all this if I'm sacrificing my soul on the altar of my success?

So you find yourself here, looking for the pathway to a life that isn't a circular loop; to stepping into the passion and purpose you've been called to; to step into being the man you're called to be. 

Because let's be honest, it's also not in simply "doing more." 

You ever feel like you're literally killing yourself to move the needle forward, but you can't seem to make the progress you know you're trying to achieve....  and you can't get over the guilt of even feeling bad for yourself because you're confronted with the bed you've made of trying to be all things to all people.... 

Our identities become wrapped up in our ego and our insecurities and our accomplishments and it's just never enough.... 

In 2016, this is what I wrote as I prayed and took what little faith I had left and lifted it up:

You are literally killing yourself. You are losing your soul trying to save everyone else's. What needs to die inside of you to become the man you're called to be?

This is why THE ROUNDTABLE exists: for men committed to confronting their frustration, apathy, untapped potential and pain to transform it into power, production, passion, profit and purpose... 

Life on YOUR terms to create the joy, happiness, fulfillment, health and prosperity you deserve.

Regardless of where you find yourself in life, we all want to be:
- Making more money 
- Building a stronger, leaner body
- Cultivating Stronger relationships 
- Eliminating the felt chaos of life, especially in these times
-Making the memories with our family that we may have never had as kids ourself
-Having more FUN in this ONE life we have
-Living in alignment, integrity and fulfillment of our true identity
-Creating the impact in our churches, schools and communities on a level that is kingdom-sized

And while we've been programmed to believe it doesn't matter, we want more friendships with those who get it, live it, and will push you to live it as well. 

And if we can get really real, we all want to be happier and MORE FULFILLED. It sounds cliche and often gets dismissed as an emotional idea... but it's an idea we frame around. With suicide being the 2nd leading cause of death for men under 40, you can't tell me that fulfillment isn't a factor. You'd be statistically lying. It IS the factor.

You know that even though others look up to you as a massive success, you have barely scratched the surface of what you’re capable of.

I can tell you that there is no faster path to what you want in this life than having a group of men who are as unapologetically driven toward their legacy as you are. It changes everything.

Over the last few of years of curating a high-level community of mentors, businessmen and friends in my own life, I can see the power of what happens when we seek collaboration and accountability, along with the frameworks to grow and succeed. My success is a direct reflection, and that is why ROUNDTABLE was created: to provide YOU with the same.

It's time to step into #1 Mastery Program for passionate, talented, impact-driven men looking for the tools, mentorship and accountability to unapologetically have it all in life and business.

MORE Income
DEEPER Connections With Your Family
POWERFUL Friendships

And more time to do more epic shit you love with people you love.

In The Roundtable, You Immediately Step Into...

Data-Driven. Battle Tested. 100% Man-Approved.

  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY,  used daily by myself and the men in our brotherhood, just like you, to Master Your TIME And Shift Your HABITS so you can Cultivate the Confidence and Create the Certainty necessary to step fully into you Passion, Purpose, Power and Profits while experiencing accountability and celebration.
  • EXCLUSIVE TRAINING. You will create consistent MOMENTUM in your life and business as you replace the faulty internal hardware of negative self-belief, confusion and inconsistency. Procrastination will be replaced by production as you will find training videos on business, fitness, relationships, mindset, marketing, sales and more.
  • FITNESS COACHING. We focus on mastery in every area of life, this includes the vessel you're changing the world through. Every man in our brotherhood makes his fitness a priority and we show you HOW. Time to go from weak to warrior.
  • 4-PILLAR DAILY STRUCTURE to be the MAN you promised you'd be to yourself and your family. As mission-minded men in business, we can often be distracted when we are with those we love the most. What's worse, your intentions are confused for action, leaving you frustrated and heartbroken to learn that what you "meant" to do doesn't matter. Our structure ensures you embody winning in HEAD, HEART, HEALTH and HABITS.
  • ​​ EXPERT COACHING. Numbers don't lie, nor do our guest mentors: these monthly guest calls with 7-9 figure entrepreneurs/founders will provide practical, contextual insight into how to move your business, life, fitness, relationships, sales, marketing, systems and clarity forward.
  • LIVE EVENT ACCESS. Yearly, we will hold multiple trainings at various venues throughout the country. These 1-2 Day Events are EXCLUSIVE for our Roundtable Brotherhood.


"I 8X'ed my investment with Cody in 90 Days under his guidance. If you are serious about leading yourself and building a profitable business, this is a no-brainer." - Andrew F.
"Working with Cody has led to me being able to step out of ministry as a career and into helping teams and organizations lead their teams better. I am earning more monthly than I used to in 6 months, which allows me to be present with my daughter, my wife to be home, and for us to make a greater impact." - Kyle S.
"I had come to a point where I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. I was burned out. In working with Cody, I was able to step OUT of the fear and INTO a future of promise. I am now a coach for Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. I have the opportunity to lead tens of thousands of people. Cody walking alongside me made all this possible and more. " - David W.

Read These Success Stories.

Jason Shalkoski, Entrepreneur

What Cody guided me towards was digging deep within to uncover a lot of dirt – to uncover what was holding me back. How to communicate effectively, How to open the door of life for other people, How to LEVEL UP.

We worked on confidence, self love, self image, leadership skills, effective communication, systems, and how to add more value in order to guide others towards their more powerful and radiant version of themselves.

I can say with the utmost confidence that I NOW have the tools in my toolbox for success!

Coaching is there for those of us who are wanting to LEVEL UP our life. For those of us wanting MORE. For those of us no loner excepting the feeling of being stagnant! THIS is the pathway.

Steven C, Author/Communicator

When I first started working with Cody, I was finalizing a divorce and was completely directionless of where I wanted to go in life, having left ministry after nearly a decade in it. As a result, I realized that I had always played my life on everyone else's terms. So the very first thing Cody had me do was figure out my why. I had never done that before, beyond trying to fit a certain image for everyone else. But he asked me to dig down deep into myself and figure out who I wanted to show up for, and what it would take to do it.

This wasn't the answer I was expecting at all to come up with, but it was suddenly crystal clear. Because of that, Cody's coaching changed my belief about what was possible, and how quickly it could happen. The things that I thought would take me years – with the habits and systems Cody helped me put into place made it possible for me to accomplish them just in three months.

This wasn't the answer I was expecting at all to In those three months. I finished writing a book, sent it off to an editor, lost 25 pounds, was lifting heavier than ever at the gym, and found myself opening up relationally and romantically again.

All because I started showing up for myself and my why, first and foremost, every single day before I even thought about how to do anything for anyone else. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that working with Cody has been one of the most fruitful, transformative, and effective times of my whole life.

Keith Gregory, C-Suite Executive

I met Cody at a time in my life where I was showing up as a victim. I was confused, pissed off, and drinking too much. I had just gone through a divorce. I can tell you there has been no more powerful experience than working with Cody Jefferson. My life has been completely transformed and increased my capacity to show up in every area. If you're thinking you're alone, that no one understands, that no one can help you.... Cody can.

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